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My best friends is in France right now on vacation & happened to see Mariah on Star Academy, Being a Mariah Fan also she called me to tell me the details of the show which entails Mariah dragging one of the students off the show to the studio! Apparently Mariah didnt seem completely impressed with her name being pronounced "Maria" and said "OK but you can only call me that in France". The host then said "Mariah" but in the next breath it was back to being "Maria". Mariah also was not 100% happy with having no translator there so asked the student to try to translate for her. Mariah then grabbed the male student and she said was impressed with his originality & said that she wanted to write with him. She then proceeded to somewhat kidnap him & walk off the show which received a laugh from the audience, but this was definitely unplanned as Mariah didn't return. The host was yelling "Mariah we're not finished yet". Mariah was very relaxed where as in the past she has been hesitant & shy towards the French media but she was leading the show & the audience loved it. MariahFanClub.com also says that the CEO of Universal Music France was present & confirmed Mariah's words about wanting to work with the student (whether it is writing or recording is unsure).

When Mariah was at Star Academy yesterday she played an exclusive song from Charmbracelet to one of the students but they cut it on TV because she didn't want it to circulate on the internet! That student is a very fortunate fan, Mariah played the song only for her because she cried and told Mariah how much she loved her and grew up listening to her music and learning how to sing on Mariah's music. The student was so moved she almost made Mariah cry too! Mariah said "don't cry because if you cry i'm gonna cry too! By the way Mariah was so pretty and so nice to everyone! Before playing the song Mariah even asked the girl whether she prefered to listen to a ballad or an uptempo song?The girl picked a ballad and we heard like 4 seconds of the song,it was a beautiful piano intro"

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     Mariah se presentó en el escenario de Star Academy para interpretar su balada Through The Rain junto a los participantes del programa:

STAR ACADEMY. Grabado en Francia el 16 de Noviembre, 2002. Transmitido por la cadena TF1.
Imágenes de la presentación cortesía de TF1.com.
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