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 TROS TV Show --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

     By Tom. Ok, so Mariah was in Holland today to be the guest in the Tros TV with Ivo Niehe and it was a great afternoon! There were lots of Mariah fans in the audience, and they all brought giftst, photo's, letters, fanbooks etc. for Mariah! It was sooo great to see! When Mariah came out, she got a standig ovation! She looked really beautiful: her hair was the same as in the Through The Rain video, and the wore the same dress also (the black on in the church) or at least a dress that looked a lot like that one! Well, she did a short interview (like 10 minutes) in which she talked about the breakdown a little bit, about Through The Rain, her background, her father and when asked if she would like to have a bunch of kids, she replied: Not a bunch! I have a dog and that is already too much to handle! Well, not exactly like this, but something like that! Well, after the interview, she went to the little stage where she would perform Through The Rain (before that, of course her hair and make-up was done again) and she rolled her eyes a lot of times and everybody had to laugh! Well, then she did Through The Rain (not live of course) and when we though it would be all over, she performed Through The Rain again (btw, the second time was even better and will a lot more emotion) and after that she pose for pictures (of course after her hair and make-up was done again) and when she saw that we all brought her so many gifts etc, she just....went into, yes INTO the audience! She signed everything and smiled the whole time! She went up all the stairs and laughed and enjoyed every moment! When she came close to me, I handed her the Butterfly album cover (eyes closed) And I asked her: Mariah, Can you please sigh this one for me, it's my favorite! And she looked up at me and I looked her straight in the eyes and she replied ''Of course!'' and she grabbed (!) the booklet and signed it with MC and a heart symbol which is sooo sweet and then the best part: I got it back and ''Thank you so much!'' and then she winked her eye!!! Wooohooo! And I was sooo lucky because almost right after that, she put her sunglasses on because everybody was taking pictures etc! So I was one of the few people who looked straight into her eyes! OMG, she was in the audience for like half and hour and then she really had to go (Boy, those bodyguards have loud voices and kept telling everybody NO!!!!!! But Mariah ignored them all! She was sooo sweet and I am ever a bigger fan right now after seeing her! She is SOOOO beautiful and REAL! I love MC forever!

TROS TV SHOW. Grabado el 30 de Octubre, 2002 en Holanda. Transmitido en diciembre.